Hearth & Table gathers our experience in event planning, love of ingredients, and a desire to create an experience for others. Planning an event means creating an experience. It means listening to and reading the needs of clients, and then building their vision and taking it to heights that they could never have imagined. It’s about making sure a client feels taken care of during every step of the process. That is what we love to do. That is what we’re good at.

Jessica Hayden Mattheus is the owner and head chef of Hearth & Table. Jess’ passion toward food, and the act of breaking bread comes from growing up in a bi-cultural and bilingual family where life revolved around the kitchen table. As a Peruvian, Irish Catholic, New Jerseyian, she spent most of her younger years in the rural town of Cranbury, NJ, as well as the coastal city of Lima, Peru. Seeing such different worlds gave her a real sense of belonging to a global community, and it made her want to go explore more. Her travels began as an infant, first to Peru and Venezuela, visiting her Mom’s family, and then to Europe where she lived in Spain and studied in Italy.

The inspiration for Hearth & Table is to bring us, as a culture and a society, back to the table. To Jess a table is a landmark for family and friends to gather, to share food and experiences. The symbol of the table is a place where we create dialogue, discussion, and most importantly, a place where we can create memories and laughter. Everyone understands the concept of breaking bread. Her hope is that Hearth & Table will help everyone experience it.


Hearth & Table is a full service, Brooklyn-based catering company that uses the best in locally sourced ingredients to create personalized menus from original recipes inspired by Mediterranean and South American rustic home cooking. Whether prepared on site or delivered, Hearth & Table’s appetizers and entrees will add elegant warmth to any occasion, from an indulgent dinner for two to a healthy lunch for 200 dedicated employees.


Let us create an experience for your wedding. We cater small, intimate affairs as well as large-scale events, and have been featured in “Martha Stewart” magazine as well as “Style Me Pretty”. In addition to providing food for the occasion, we also offer floral design and other services to create an event based on your vision.



As an serious cook myself I am very particular about what I serve my guests. I’ve had many catered meals over the years that were less than spectacular. All that changed when I tried Jess’s food. She uses the best ingredients, prepares everything perfectly, and is inventive in all the right ways. Jess catered a lunch for me several months ago for about 15 guests. People are still talking about how great everything was. I could eat her food every day.
Gina, Mount Kisco, NY
I wanted to surprise my wife, who is quite the discriminating foodie, with an amazing dining experience, and Jess organized a meal for 10 of our close friends that was more amazing than I could have imagined.  Not only was the delicious, but the presentation of the courses, the wine pairing, and the intimate setting around a family style table made it one of the most memorable gifts I have ever been able to offer my wife.  I could not be more happy with Jess and her catering.
Philip, Private Client, Brooklyn, NY


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Hearth & Table: Holy Mole
By admin · 17 Apr 2014 · 0 comments

Today is the day I have been looking forward to the most. It is precisely why I decided to come to Oaxaca and work at La Olla with Chef Pilar. Mole, simply means thick sauce. There are many different types of mole, but the journey Chef Pilar took me on was that of Oaxacan Mole …

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Hearth & Table: Viva Oaxaca
By admin · 08 Apr 2014 · 0 comments

I have been waiting for this for a long time… and I have finally made it to Oaxaca City, Mexico to learn about one of the cuisines I love most. I find that in New York City we lack good Mexican food.  The Mexican flavors in NYC are muddled with cheese and sour cream, and …

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Hearth & Table: Celebrating Two Years With A New Image
By admin · 18 Mar 2014 · 2 comments

This month Hearth & Table celebrates it’s two year anniversary with reimagined branding and a new website. Here is the story of how our new image and identity all came together, as written by my husband. “I met my now wife 11 years ago in Florence, Italy. She was a photography student at Saci where …


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