Jess’s inspiration for her catering company, Hearth & Table, is to bring us, as a culture and a society back to the table. To Jess a table is a landmark for family and friends to gather, to share food and experiences. The symbol of the table is a place where we create dialogue, discussion…and most importantly a place where we can create memories and laughter. Everyone understands the concept of breaking bread…her hope is that Hearth & Table will help everyone experience it.



As a unique Brooklyn-based catering company, Hearth & Table is dedicated to using only locally sourced provisions. Through our signature cocktails, creative appetizers, and satisfying rustic entrees we deliver innovative, indulgent home cooking for you and your guests with the guarantee of both abundance and enjoyment. Our commitment to your vision, whether you’re hosting a cocktail party for fifty, or an intimate sit-down dinner for two, we will create an experience that matches your concept. Using seasonal menus inspired by the Mediterranean waters as well as the coasts of Latin America, we promise a truly special, intimate dining occasion you will never forget.

To make our catered events most affordable, Hearth & Table has developed relationships with local merchants who meet our high standards for quality—but who are willing to work with us to keep costs low. We base our menu prices on the ingredients used as well as the services requested. Please email for pricing.


Food Delivery


As a catering company that prides itself on the quality of our food, the sense of community we build, and our focus on creating new and memorable experiences, it only made sense for Hearth & Table to start a personal food delivery service. You’ll find our delivered food is an extension of our home cooking, with the same menus and fresh, quality ingredients we serve to our family and friends. We are here to please you, and are able and very willing to work within any dietary restrictions or preferences you may have. Hearth & Table purchases all the food, cooks it, packages it and delivers it right to your home. Simply reheat the meals and enjoy the time you’ve saved. Please email to request further menus and pricing.

Supper Club

Trattoria da Vincenzo was inspired by Il Nonno, the Grandfather who owned the land we lived on when we were students in Amelia, Italy one summer. The bungalow we stayed in was called Vincent’s House. Vincenzo worked on the farm and stopped by our bungalow each day to give us the homemade wine he made from grapes he grew himself. He would always ask me as I was on my way to town, “Jessica, te piace il mio vino?” I would respond by telling him that I loved his wine!

There were not many restaurants in Amelia. Hardly any of the locals went out to eat. They believed the best restaurants in town were their kitchens…and they were right. Therefore, when it came to dining, most of the other students in Amelia did not have a lot of options. Since I love to cook, I opened up a tiny restaurant, Trattoria da Vincenzo, right in my bungalow where they could have dinner every Friday night. The dinners were a hit and became very popular in our little town, creating lifelong friendships. I knew that Trattoria da Vincenzo would have to cross the Atlantic and make a home for itself right here in Brooklyn.

This is an experience you won’t want to miss!



As an serious cook myself I am very particular about what I serve my guests. I’ve had many catered meals over the years that were less than spectacular. All that changed when I tried Jess’s food. She uses the best ingredients, prepares everything perfectly, and is inventive in all the right ways. Jess catered a lunch for me several months ago for about 15 guests. People are still talking about how great everything was. I could eat her food every day.

Gina Bruce, Westchester, NY

From the day we met her, we knew Jess was our dream wedding caterer. She’s open to ideas and absorbs everything you say. Jess is warm, generous, funny, smart, an extremely hard worker, a fantastic cook, fluent in Spanish (a plus in our case), and above all, a great listener–a skill just as important in a caterer as being an ace in the kitchen.

Kristy Ojala, Brooklyn, NY

I wanted to surprise my wife, who is quite the discriminating foodie, with an amazing dining experience. Jess organized a meal for 10 friends that was more amazing than I could have imagined. Not only was the delicious, but the presentation of the courses, wine pairing, and intimate setting around a family style table made it one of the most memorable gifts I have ever been able to offer my wife. I could not be more happy with Jess and her catering.

Philip Kiracofe, New York City

Heart, Hand, Table

2014-04-10 11.53.15-1

Hearth & Table: Holy Mole

Today is the day I have been looking forward to the most. It is precisely why I decided to come to Oaxaca and work at La Olla with Chef Pilar.

Mole, simply means thick sauce. There are many different types of mole, but the journey Chef Pilar took me on was that of Oaxacan Mole Negro. Every household has their own recipe of mole, but most recipes include all the same ingredients, just in different proportions. The mixture of a chiles, nuts, onions, garlic, chocolate, raisins, various spices, herbs and lard lead to this intense paste.

What I quickly learned was that the reason the flavor is complex is because the process is very complex. It is a process that takes a lot of patience, intuition and nurturing.

There are very important steps that should be taken when making mole negro. All of the ingredients are roasted over charcoal and in a “Comal de Barro,” a clay pot, which brings a very smoky flavor to the mole. Chef Pilar said that cooking these ingredients in a metal pot or on a stove top really takes away from the complex flavors. After separately roasting all the ingredients, the chilis are ground separately from the spices, nuts, raisins, onions, herbs and garlic into a fine paste. The resulting pastes are then mixed together with breadcrumbs, lard and chicken broth and simmered until the mole becomes think and pungent.

There were about 25 ingredients and over 15 steps in this process…Six hours later, with four people tending to the mole, we were done.

Today was an incredible experience, especially having such an expert teach me. Chef Pilar takes great pride in her Grandmother’s recipe and in the tradition of Oaxacan Mole making. It was an honor to be a part of it.

If you want the recipe you will just have to come to Oaxaca…or take it up with Chef Pilar.

Heart, Hand, Table


2014-04-07 15.49.31-2

Hearth & Table: Viva Oaxaca

I have been waiting for this for a long time… and I have finally made it to Oaxaca City, Mexico to learn about one of the cuisines I love most.

I find that in New York City we lack good Mexican food.  The Mexican flavors in NYC are muddled with cheese and sour cream, and an assortment of other toppings.  The clean flavors that you find when you travel to Mexico bring to life the amazing and complex cuisine that is Mexican food, especially Oaxacan food.

About 6 months ago I wrote to Chef Pilar, Executive Chef and Owner of La Olla in Oaxaca City, Mexico.  I asked her if she would allow me to attend her cooking school and in turn I would work in her kitchen for free for a month.  She gladly accepted my proposal, but she also requested I prepare a daily Peruvian menu for her restaurant.

So here I am at my first day of work.  I rented a little apartment 3 blocks for my restaurant and am living the life of a chef in Oaxaca City.  What a dream come true!

Many recipes, menus and pictures to come!!!


Heart, Hand, Table


Press release

Hearth & Table: Celebrating Two Years With A New Image

This month Hearth & Table celebrates it’s two year anniversary with reimagined branding and a new website. Here is the story of how our new image and identity all came together, as written by my husband.

“I met my now wife 11 years ago in Florence, Italy. She was a photography student at Saci where I was a Graphic Design Teaching Assistant. She was interested in possibly taking a design route in her studies and enrolled in a graphic design class, and I was her teacher. She did not end up becoming a graphic designer or even a photographer for that matter, but she did leave Italy with something else…me. So that is how our relationship started…in an environment of creativity and collaboration, which has always been a cornerstone of what drives us as individuals and as a couple. We push each other to think outside the box and inspire each other to keep growing.

Two years ago, Jess started her own catering company. Despite her determination to make her business a success she new it would take not just her incredible food to make it. She would have to create an image and brand that would tell people why they should hire her. Well, luckily for Jess she married me.

I came across Moo’s products in conversation with another designer who was raving about their Luxe products. I was working closely with my wife on a rebranding effort for her catering company’s 2 year anniversary. I thought Moo’s mission of “great design for everyone” aligned closely with Hearth & Table’s vision to “bring us, as a culture and a society back to the table” as Moo offers superior quality printing at affordable prices (great for a small business owner) and platform that champions new and exciting designers (great for designers and the design community as a whole). Moo’s is a culture that promotes design because “design helps us stand out”, which is exactly what Hearth & Table was looking to do with their updated identity. After 2 years in the competitive landscape of catering in NYC Jess wanted an updated, more exciting look that more closely associated with her vision and more in line with the caliber of clients she is now working with.”

The rebranding of Hearth & Table represents my aesthetic in my everyday life as well as the business that I’ve built. As I’ve grown my business I finally have a clear vision of who I am as a chef, and what my business stands for. With the help of Moo and my husband, my rebranding now represents that. What an amazing two years! Cheers, and thank you for all your help, inspiration and support!

Heart, Hand, Table


Re branding

Re branding



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